10/3/19 Your 2020 Frownland Calendars are here! Full color, cranky, and reasonably priced! Check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/waylonbacon

4/18/19 Great news! Three of my best short films are now available to view on TruIndie, a new streaming site that specializes in the low budget, the weird, and the unclassifiable! It's been set up by the ever busy Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions, and is only $4.95 a month! Check out the free trial now and expand your mind.

3/1/19 My 2008 short film 'My Worst Nightmare' is back on youtube after a music rights dispute. Check out the new, shiny upload here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIjiDA-Uf18

1/16/18 Three of my older short films are part of 'Horror Hut', a new webseries highlighting independent horror films! You can view the first episode, along with 'Bob' 'My Worst Nightmare' and 'Poster Boy' by visiting Horrorhutshow.com

10/9/2018 Check out the brand new, high quality upload of my short film 'Poster Boy' over on youtube! It's over a decade old, and has never looked better.

9/26/18 Frownland Calendars can now be purchased at both Powells Books in Portland, OR and Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA!

9/6/2018 My annual 'Frownland' Calendar is done and ready to purchase! Click here to see pics, or just go over to my Etsy shop to purchase!

11/10/2017 The UK Film Review has written a wonderful piece on 'The Ride'. Check it out here

9/17/17 I have a piece hanging at the annual 'Altered Barbie Festival' in San Francisco, CA! Click over to the Frownland blog to read more about it.

 7/24/17 The esteemed Anthony Servante has conducted a lengthy interview with me over at Servante Of Darkness  - check it out!

7/13/17 My webcomic Frownland is currently trending over at Boredpanda.com! Wow.

5/31/17 'The Ride' is now available to watch on Youtube!

5/17/17 My latest cover for the inimitable Beatdom Magazine is up on the website - check it out!

3/29/17 'The Ride' is featured on the front page of 'The Daily Dead'!

3/28/17 'The Ride' has received a wonderful write up over at Indiehorror.com! Click HERE to read the full review.

3/28/17 After a year on the festival circuit, my short film 'The Ride' is now available to watch on Vimeo.com! Thank you to all of the wonderful Indiegogo backers, festival programmers, and the amazing cast and crew! To watch the full short, click HERE

3/22/17 Welcome to the new Waylonbacon.com! Although quite similar to the old site, it has been moved over to wordpress, which means it will be much less clunky, and will be updated far more often! Special thanks to the inimitable John Petersen for taking on the job of taking the old website apart and putting it back together.